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A Place To Be Me...

A Place To Be Me...

It is very often in our culture that we are confronted with different aspects of what other people think about masculinity. This is a problematic dynamic for gay men who bear the brunt of being questioned for their masculinity or are forced to internalize self-sabotaging feelings about male bonding. We constantly feel like we have to be on guard and these conditions are especially traumatizing for those trying to find their niche in spaces governed by prevailing norms and conventions. It creates a feeling that there are little to no spaces where men can freely explore their identities without reproach or questioning.

Here at A Celebration of Friends, we recognize the importance of gay male bonding and embrace the courageous inclination to boast with bubbling pride about it. Our existence is a resistance to some waning, but still stubbornly dominant ways of thinking and by providing a safe, warm space for unfiltered expression of love is extremely valiant.

This is why we look forward to this summer’s vibrant gathering of men July 14th-17th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Orlando by Sea World.

There is nothing more joyous than being able to come together as one, hailing from different cultures, professions, and lifestyles in a space dedicated to a celebration of who we are- unbridled by social convention and restraints. Heed our recruitment call: inquire within and join us this summer!




Our yearly conventions are "Celebrations" of the mature gay man. We are a registered 501(c)4 non-profit organization.

ACOF MISSION STATEMENT: To provide warm, comfortable, safe and engaging gatherings recognizing and promoting self-worth, dignity, kindness and friendships within our senior population. To that end, we strive not only to host celebrations of our seniors, but family type reunions of our friends and brothers through supportive connections within our nationwide and international scope.


Our next A Celebration of Friends weekend will be held this July 14 - 17 of 2016 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld located at 10100 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821, USA. To reserve your hotel room at the 2016 Celebration please call +1-407-352-1100 or click here.

Celebration Registration: To book your entrance for the 2016 Celebration, click here.

Hotel Rooms: To reserve your hotel room at the 2016 Celebration, click here or call +1-407-352-1100.

2016 A Celebration of Friends

Our next A Celebration of Friends weekend will be held this July 14 - 17 of 2016. To book your entrance for the 2016 Celebration, click here

DoubleTree by Hilton at SeaWorld

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Orlando at SeaWorld 10100 International Dr.,
Orlando, FL 32821
Tel: +1-407-352-1100



September 2015 Newsletter

Our 2015 Celebration is over and has proven to be the best one yet.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their visit and time with our special guest Ed Asner along with the entertainment provided by The Orlando Gay Men's Chorus, the Madonna impersonator and the group Beatlebeat. 


The informative Medicare presentation by Gary Kempler ( was well received, and he has written a letter for all to read, which can be seen by clicking here

Everyone seemed to enjoy the screenings of Flavio Alves' "Tom in America" ( 

The documentary of one of our most beloved ACOF founders, Father John J. McNeill's "Taking A Chance on God" ( was also well received. Father John and Charlie Chiarelli weren't able to make the Celebration due to illness. However, here's a picture of John and Charlie celebrating the good Father's 90th birthday last week. 

Many attendees left with some great shirts and swim trunks from our vendor, Bearwear ( 

We have also received some great comments on private pool time and visits to the theme parks.

Thank you for attending this year's Celebration and allowing us to share time with you, while creating new memories and experiences.  

Please Note: The Orlando DoubleTree Hotel is under new ownership and currently undergoing renovation. Consequently, at this time we are unsure of the date of the next Celebration. However, we have received many invitations to host the Celebration in several different cities: Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, Palm Springs and San Diego. 

Along with that, we need more input from you:

  • Where would you like for the 2016 Celebration to be held?
  • When would you like the 2016 Celebration to be? 
  • What celebrity guest would you enjoy meeting at the 2016 Celebration?
  • What can we do to make your Celebration better in 2016?

Either send your answers by replying to this email, or by going to the ACOF website and then answering the survey.

The 2015 Celebration gallery is up! Click here to see how much fun we had. 

If you haven't already, please make sure to sign up to receive this free monthly newsletter. You can sign up on the ACOF website

Remember to be kind and love & respect each other. 

Lots & Lots of Love, 

A Celebration of Friends, Inc.