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April 2013 Newsletter

Sixty-seven percent of gay seniors in the U.S. live alone, twice the proportion of their straight peers, and ninety percent have no children. (Source - SAGE)

51 percent of LGBT have yet to complete wills or living wills spelling out their long term care and end-of-life wishes. (Source: MetLife Mature Market Institute)

ACOF yearly has a workshop at the Celebration in June getting your affairs in order on. Please, please, please, protect your loved ones and make sure your affairs are in order. (It's not always the older in a relationship that passes on.)

It's already into the fourth month of 2013 and I am sure that many of you have made a few resolutions  . . . and perhaps already broken some of them. This year is going fast so the A Celebration of Friends staff wishes you an enjoyable remainder of 2013. We ask each of you to remember our motto We're all in this together . . .and together we can make a difference!"
Please help me with my new year resolutions for 2013: as I want to:

1.  Learn the first names and spend time getting to know all who attend the Celebration and Cruise.

2. Strive to have the best possible Celebration ever!!! (Been doing my best for twelve years but still need your help!)

    a.  Activities are now being planned for this years Celebration. Please let me know what activities you would like to see/participate in/watch this year! 
3.  Stop trying to find the perfect partner. Instead, try to become the perfect partner. 

4. Continue to say "I love you"  . . . and mean it!

5. Drink more water. 

6. Find the best people for the Board of the ACOF and AHOF and utilize them to their fullest potential.

7.  Be a kinder person. 

8Keep believing in my ideals and myself while continuing to try to make the world a better place!

It has taken over three years, but during the first week of December 2012, the A Habitat of Friends had its first board meeting (away from the ACOF). We have sent the necessary paperwork to the state to form a charitable 501(c) organization. A Board was voted in and by-laws were adopted. Our next meeting was set up for January and we were planning on having a commercial realtor talk to the Board so we could begin to form our concept of what exactly we were attempting to do in regards to forming a low-cost Gay Retirement Community. Then, newly elected vice president (John Szabocsik) passed from cancer on Christmas eve.  

We need every one's help on this much need campaign.

Registration for the ACOF weekend and reservations for the hotel can be made conveniently on our website. http://www.celebrationoffriends.orgBy pre-registering for the convention, you will avoid long lines when you arrive at the hotel. Tell your friends about the Celebration and PLEASE provide them our website address. Send it to the various sites where you are listed. Word of mouth is a great way to inform the gay community of our wonderful Celebration Meeting... it is the largest of its kind for senior gay men and their admirers in the WORLD!!.  
A Celebration of Friends weekend is still the greatest bargain event and one of the least expensive conventions for gay mature men and their admirers IN THE WORLD!!!  Rooms are $101 nightly for two people or $111 for three \-four people.  (It could cost less than $30.00 per person per night in a three or four person room and imagine how COZY that could be!!!)  The registration fee of $85 price includes a full American breakfast daily, a $5 nightly parking fee, free bus shuttles nightly, a hour happy hour every day, entertainment every night and twenty-four hours of freedom and frolicking with nearly eight hundred hundred good old friends from the USA and around the world. Come join us again this year, it can change your life FOREVER!